Vacancies for the next project

The EYO encourages talents to apply for the next project!

From the afternoon of 26.05. until 28.05. the trinational orchestra meets again to rehearse and give an open-air performance in the Fürst Pückler landscape gardens in Bad Muskau. Some orchestra positions are yet to be filled - if you play a string instrument and would like to participate in this project, simply fill in the application form as soon as possible and send it to us. Weʻll get back to you!

Weʻre looking forward to seeing you!

The Czech-German Future Fund introduces EYO as examplary project

The Czech-German Future Fund has elected EYOʻs Easter project 2015, which the fund had supported to a great extend, to be an exemplary project in the areas youth and school. We are delighted about the honour and thank the fund again for their support. The short report is available in Czech or German .

Frédérich Tschumi elected as conductor of the Leipzig University Orchestra

EYOʻs artistic director and conductor has been elected to from now on also work with the Leipzig University Orchestra . We wish him and the orchestra all the best for their joint future, a fruitful time together and successful concerts!
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