Hillersche Villa

- socio-culture in the tri-state-area

Hillersche Villa , the socio-cultural Centre in Zittau, provides a colourful and varified range of offers: the fields culture and arts via social work to human rights or youth work, educational and political projects invite people of all generations to actively engage in workshops approaching theatre education, pictorial arts, interculturality, history and civil society.
Above all, the socio-cultural centre aspires to enhance the democratic progresses in the Czech-German-Polish tri-state-area, the involvement and cooperation of people of all kinds in urban and rural places. The international profile of the centre constitutes a further emphasis, which has evolved from long-term collaborations with Czech and Polish partners as well as from a new and open-minded perspective on central and eastern Europe.

The socio-cultural centre in the south of Görlitz county invites everyone to participate in artistic, cultural and asthetic projects of all kinds. It also provides a platform and support for upcoming projects and creative ideas. Its on-site businesses - the Café Jolesch, the conference centre Dreiländereck and its event catering - furthermore offer a base for culture and get-togethers in the region.
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