The Europera Youth Orchestra

“Music is the true human language” professed already German composer Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826). The EUROPERA YOUTH ORCHESTRA demonstrates several times a year how music does indeed connect across linguistic, cultural and geographic borders, when it presents to an awestruck audience demanding works of great masters with adolescent ease and enthusiasm.

For more than 20 years has EYO developped to form a unique, strong voice of the Czech-Polish-German tri-state-area, representing and uniting the national characteristics of the neighbouring countriesʻ people and music. In the joint play of the instruments a new, common identity of the region and its self-confidence arises within an ever closer together moving Europe.

Thus EUROPERA equally stands for musical experiences and jointly labouring on the „works“ (lat. opera) of Europe. From personal contacts, coming to know and appreciate one another emerges a unified Europe which shares values and realities.

So, not only does the EUROPERA YOUTH ORCHESTRA make the idea of Europe come alive. Under the guidance of international conductors and tutors the 14-26-year-old musicians get to know what it means to jointly work in an orchestra, be it symphonic or chamber: interaction, timing and interpretation – first and foremost,however, the joy of participating in a successful whole.

That the “triad of the nations” does indeed succeed has been proven in several EYO-performances, for instance on occasion of the celebrations in Zittau May 1st2004 due to the accession of the Czech Republic and Poland to the EU, concerts in the Royal Music Academy in Brussels, appearances in international festivals in England, France and Italy as well as concerts in the radio halls in Wrocław, the Gewandhaus Leipzig and Rudolfinum Praha.

Since the beginning of the 2015-season, former conductors Miloš Krejčí and Manuel Pujol have been suceeded by Frédéric Tschumi , whose prior positions include head of the Orchestervereinigung Sindelfingen and the Strohgäu symphonic orchestra and who will from now on represent and connect the EUROPERA YOUTH ORCHESTRA in its tri-state-area base and the whole of Europe.

The tri-national ensemble, which was founded in 1992 at Prof. Wolf-Dieter Ludwigʻs suggestion, then director of theGörlitz theatre, has been provided by the sociocultural institution Hillersche Villa – Soziokultur im Dreiländereck since 2012.
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